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Maybe he told Darcy of the tape & THAT was why he burst into her condo. And he “kept her ignorant” to protect her as Gigi said in episode 82?
Edit: I don’t know what happened to the rest of the post >:(
That is my theory, too. That George contacted Darcy and told him about a video of him with Gigi, trying to blackmail him. Up until then Darcy was ignorant of Gigi and Wickham’s relationship. He got int he first flight and burst into Gigi’s apartment.
It was bad enough that she had to see her brother offering her boyfriends money to leave her and her boyfriend actually taking it with a wink and a “Sorry peach”, telling her about the video would be heartless and for all of Darcy’s flaws he isn’t that, especially to his sister.
I just had this feeling that Darcy was having a Deja Vu in today’s video. This is part of Wickham’s MO.

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